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PostSubject: Mini-Clans   Mini-Clans EmptyWed Dec 11, 2013 11:19 pm

Mini-Clans are started by those who hate the four main Clans and wish for all the cats in them to die. They constantly attack the Clans and sometimes form alliances with other Minis, creating a Battle-Clan. Battle-Clans attack two Clans at once, but mostly one, because the groups may be able to wipe out the whole Clan.

But this is not all of them. Some mini-Clans are started by those who want to feel the way Clan cats do- loved and safe. They want to help the Clans out at times of need, by dropping prey off at their borders at times and rushing to help in battle. These Mini-Clans try their best to believe in StarClan, and even make their own gatherings!

Mods and Admins may start 4 official Mini-Clans, other members may create their very own.

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