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 DoomCloud needs a mate

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DoomCloud needs a mate Empty
PostSubject: DoomCloud needs a mate   DoomCloud needs a mate EmptyTue Aug 20, 2013 11:12 pm

DoomCloud is a sandy-tan colored cat with grey highlights on the top of her head, back and tail. she has a white under-belly and hazel eyes. as a kit she only remembered the face of her mother, a sandy cat with blue eyes. when she washed up on the shore of the HurricaneClan river she was about one and a half months old. she was raised there and always seemed normal. she is a little weird and can be scary at times, but over all, a really good cat.

(sorry I couldn't post a pic. my computer stinks! she is in my avatar tho Very Happy)
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DoomCloud needs a mate
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