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 How to Find a Mate

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How to Find a Mate Empty
PostSubject: How to Find a Mate   How to Find a Mate EmptyFri Aug 09, 2013 1:43 am

1. Make a topic called '_________ wants a mate'.

2. Tell all about your cat. Almost like when you created your character, only much more detailed.

3. Wait for a person to come along with a cat. The person should tell you all about their cat. If you think the cats would be nice together, Then there you have it. Poof! You just found your cat a mate.

Remember: Forbidden loves must be accepted by an admin.
MaleXFemale only.
Only she-cats can have kits. (For the little kids on the site to know. I know you older ones know better. >3<)
Most of all: HAVE FUN! Very Happy

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How to Find a Mate
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