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 How to Find an Apprentice

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How to Find an Apprentice Empty
PostSubject: How to Find an Apprentice   How to Find an Apprentice EmptyFri Aug 09, 2013 1:38 am

1. Come with your cat.

2. Make a topic saying '__________ wants an apprentice'.

3. Tell about your cat in the post. Example:

4. Wait for someone to come along and ask to be your apprentice. Do a little roleplay with them in the same topic to see if you would train well together. Make sure both cats are in the same Clan.

5. If you do well together, PM the leader of your Clan. The leader, if her/his inbox is not overwhelmed with messages and is online around the time, should get back to you soon. It may take a while. The leader will make you and your partner mentor and apprentice by having a ceremony.

Remember the rules. Roleplay safely. Have fun!

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How to Find an Apprentice
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